Lighthouse Church Baptistry

Baptistry - covered by panels resting on wooden beams Baptistry - covered by panels resting on wooden beams

About 15 years NJRflooring installed laminate flooring in the study room for the Lighthouse Church, Concord, Washington | England.  The room has been in constant use since then and I was delighted to see the condition of the floor was excellent.

Lighthouse Church Study Room floor installed ny NJR Flooring 15 years ago


Before Christmas 2017 I received a call from the Church Pastor asking if I'd provide an estimate for laminate flooring installation for the entrance area and main worship hall, which includes a baptistry.  The estimate was accepted and the installation completed during Week 3, 2018.  The laminate flooring installed is Villa Atlas Oak which is AC5 (very hard wearing surface) with a 12mm board.  It is a very reasonably priced laminate for such specifications.

The long rows of laminate at the back of the room were very easy to install, it was the Baptistry which required experience.  There is no reference book on how to fit laminate flooring around a Baptistry, it was my call how to proceed.  Remember the flooring is all interlocked and any error would be very costly in both time and materials to put right.  The Baptistry is a tiled pool, about 1.5 metre deep with a flight of steps at each end.  For most of the year the Baptistry is covered with plywood boards which rest on large wooden beams, when a Baptism is required the boards are lifted, the pool cleaned, filled with water and then emptied afterwards. 

The laminate flooring needed to be cut to match the position of the plywood boards beneath,  Each laminate board was cut and then continued across the baptistry.  Some boards were used for both the baptistry and platform.

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