Water Damage to laminate floors

Water damanged laminate flooring Water damanged laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring core is normally medium density fibre board which is not water repellent or resistant.

The laminate surface is water resistant, splashes of liquid (water, beer. fruit juice, wine etc) will not damage the floor if promptly wiped away.  The real danger to a laminate flooring is from undetected persistent drips from plumbing and appliances.  I've been waiting for such a perfect example of water damaged floor to share on the website.

Water damage is quick to spread below the surface when the laminate flooring is fitted using fibre board underlay.  This compressed cardboard like product draws water underneath the entire floor area and then rises through the boards causing them to warp and separate.  This example was caused by a gas fitter not paying attention to the attachments on the washing machine which was detached.

NJRflooring do fit laminate flooring in kitchens, but prefer not to completely install laminate flooring underneath washing machines or dishwashers, perhaps a track to slide the appliance into place with no laminate or underlay directly below the water fixing points.

The first sign of water damage to laminate flooring is curling at the edge of laminate boards, the same effect can be a result of moping the floor with water, which some people do. 

I do remember seeing a terrible development of a product at a trade show about 15 years ago.  The core of the laminate floor was not mdf or chipboard but fibre from rain forest trees, which is so dense it could be immersed in water and not twist.  Thankfully, I've not seen this product anywhere since it was presented to market.

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