Jamb saw and door frames

How to fit laminate flooring under a door frame | use a jamb saw How to fit laminate flooring under a door frame | use a jamb saw

Installing the rows of  laminate flooring in the centre of a job is very simple.

It is the problem solving experience that you are hiring through NJRflooring

I have a fixed expectation about how a floor should be installed.

  • Door Frames will be undercut with a jamb saw
  • Laminates boards will be slotted under the frames (no sealant to fill the gaps)
  • Beading is pinned to the skirting boards by hand (no staple gun)
  • Mitre cut ends on the beading at either side of the door

This small entrance area contained one of the complex issues you will encounter when installing laminate floors.  Small rooms are always more complicated than large rooms.  The laminate floor installed in this hall has a fold in connecting lock system, obviously, impossible to fold into place under door frames.  Depending on the laminate floor selected and the position of the doors a solution is found by NJRflooring .

For this hallway the best option was to cut the board to slide under the door frame, measuring it very carefully with millimetre precision so that it is parallel with the installed floor with exactly the width of a board gap.  With the prepared board board in position under the door frame the next action was to knock a longer board into position.  If the hallway had two doors on each side I might have used another laminate installation option.

The plan was made and the end result you can see.

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